Following Arrest

What Happens Following An Arrest

When a friend or relative has been charged with an offense in California, they will be delivered to a nearby law enforcement facility for processing and booking. The actual booking process period will completely be contingent upon the actual size, and how busy the location will be. In certain instances, the process can be accomplished within an hour or so, however, it can also take up to and in excess of twelve hours.

When arriving for processing, the offender will be searched for weapons plus illegal drugs. The personal possessions will automatically be registered and then held by an officer/jailer at the jail. An offender is not going to have access to their private possessions, including, cash, credit cards, or cellphones, whilst being detained. The booking procedure also includes the defendant being fingerprinted, a background search, warrant search, as well as processed in the system. They are also cross referenced with the nationwide criminal computer, and updated in same. After this has all been finalized, the defendant will be escorted to a prison cell.

Some prisons have a payphone that a defendant can make their one phone call from, otherwise, they will be given permission to access another phone at the jailer’s convenience. Inmates will not be permitted to receive calls or communication while incarcerated, so just in case you do get a phone call from a friend in jail, remember to get as many facts as you’re able to. If you are going to seek the services of a bail bond company, you will need to have the defendant’s legal name, which jail they are in, as well as what they were charged for, ready.

In a case where the defendant qualifies to receive bail, this process will certainly indeed be established in the booking process. Bail bonds can not be established prior to the completion of processing. When all the booking is done, the defendant can prepare for their release process.