Bounty Hunters

The Role of a Bounty Hunter

Most Americans have either viewed, or at least heard of the TV show, “Bounty Hunter.” Many people may actually consider this to be a wonderful, or possibly even glamorous profession, however, the simple truth is actually completely different. While they can have several adrenalin pumping moments, the majority of their time is spent seeking out a bail jumper in order to try and detain them.

The formal title for a bounty hunter is either “bail enforcement agent,” or “fugitive recovery agent.” These individuals work for a percentage of the bond, also known as a bounty. After a bail bonds agency posts bail for an offender, the list of conditions includes them being required to attend all their scheduled court dates. In the event the offender decides to disappear instead, the bail bonds firm, is in the position of having to pay the entire bail to the court. In this event, the bail bonds company may employ the services of a bounty hunter, rather than lose a substantial amount of money.

The bounty hunter’s main task is to hunt down a bail jumper, and then convey them right back to the custody of the court. Even though only the USA, and the Philippines permit bounty hunting, not all states within the U.S happen to allow it. Those states in the U.S that do allow it, give bounty hunters a number of legal rights. A bounty hunter has permission to enter any property owned by an offender that has jumped bail, as the U.S. Law states that the offender has now actually deserted his / her civil liberties to the bail bond firm. The bounty hunter can not, however, enter a different person’s house without an invitation. With a view to arrest a bail jumper, a bounty hunter needs to have documented permission from the bail bonds firm, and can not forcibly enter into another residence, except pursuant to selected existing provisions having to do with the legislation which govern the arrest by a private person.

Bounty hunters in the United States state that they successfully capture 90% of bail jumpers yearly. It’s a very high percentage. The bottom line here is, if you are out on bail, ensure you show up to your court dates.